Young.Live ( Gogo Live ver 3)

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Young.Live ( Gogo Live ver 3) is a place to live broadcasting video chat with over 25,000,000 people(downloads) from 85 countries. You can stream, video chat, make vlog and get paid for doing stuff you love and join communities of people who love that same stuff super easily and fast.


– Hottest part-time is becoming an influencer who can get $20K-30K in a week!
– Catch your dream and show yourself to get more fans on instagram!
– Receive virtual gifts and convert them into real money rewards!
– Discover, meet, connect with new people near you or around the world!
– Find people even Video chat with these who have same interests!
– Real time chat and interact with fans fam, influencers, stars, and celebrities!

Young.Live ( Gogo Live ver 3)

Q: What can I do on Young.Live ( Gogo Live ver 3)
A: Chatting, gaming, make-up tutorial, singing, giveaway-pretty much anything you can stream. Also you can make vlog.

Q: Who’s on Young.Live ( Gogo Live ver 3)
A: People who are streaming and making short video with music and fun stickers about interesting stuff that you’re interested in. Fashion, music, chitchat, gaming, art and such. If you are talented and looking for some T-stage, Young.Live ( Gogo Live ver 3) may be your best choice to live stream.

Q: How do I make new friends on Young.Live ( Gogo Live ver 3)
A: A few different ways. Go into a live stream room, comment to interact with the broadcaster, or use flying comment and we all kind of fun sticker to draw broadcasters’ attention. Also you can send a private message. Whatever suites the occasion.

Q: How do I find people to follow?
A: We have a recommendation list for new users. We’ll show you awesome lit user. Oh, you can also try of use the app and find where we have put category on so that you can get used to the app.

Q: What kind of stuff are people talking about on Young.Live ( Gogo Live ver 3) right now?
A: Whatever’s happening in the world. Whatever world you live in, you’ll find it among all the feature list.

Q: How will people find my broadcast or be an influencer?
A: First set a cover photo which can show people your content why they may be interested in your broadcast. Category your broadcast. Young.Live ( Gogo Live ver 3) is full of passionate communities of people who are constantly checking category, feature list, new and nearby page. If they can click into your streaming room then that is a win!

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