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Nature sounds offers you 9 amazing relaxing sounds to use them how: ambiance music, massage music, music to meditation… Nature relax music is your perfect relax aid and help to stop anxiety and daily stress, relieve headache, cure insomnia and how relax music spa.

Discover the power of relax melodies, close your eyes and reach a peaceful state of mind. Improve your health and improve your mood easily, with this app we promise you that you will sleep better. This soft melodies will help your baby to sleep too, how if this music were his favorite lullaby. It’s perfect to use with your daily yoga training and how music to meditate.


♬ rain sounds ♬ river water ♬ sea waves ♬ wind sounds ♬ bird sounds ♬ peals of thunder and lightning ♬ fire sound ♬ forest sounds ♬ seagulls ♬

Close your eyes and feel like being at the beach with soft sea waves or seagulls, forest sounds like wind, river water, birds calls or fire, under the soft rain or in the middle of a storm with peals of thunder and lightning.

★★★ FEATURES ★★★

✓9 amazing sounds of nature: rain sounds, river water, sea waves, wind, bird calls, peals of thunder and lightning, fire, forest sounds and seagulls
✓ MP3 sounds of relaxing nature
✓ Beautiful HD fullscreen photos
✓ Play music in background very easily
✓ Sleep timer to set exact minutes you want to stop music
✓ 8 different languages
✓Install to SD Card

Our goal is your happiness… we wish we can get a better life to you with this application!

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