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SAS Zombie Assault 3 MOD APK
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SAS Zombie Assault 3 MOD APK is a horror action game of Kiwi Ninja publisher. The game is derived from inspiration inspired by the legendary Alien Shooter, Sigma Team’s shooting game. The main task here is to destroy all zoombie.


In 2016, an unspecified epidemic caused almost all of the world’s population to become infected. The world is in a state of being invaded and destroyed by zoombie. As the only person alive in the specially trained task force, you are the one who has the mission to destroy all of the corpses living in the city.

Game play

SAS Zombie Assault 3 MOD game play requires you to move and lower the targets on the map with a top-down view. By using the on-screen buttons, quick hand and accurate calculation, you try to erase the dead bodies that appear everywhere, when they realize that human warmth will rush in a way. fast.

If you’ve ever played other shooting games, you won’t be too time consuming to get involved with this game. On the left is the touch Joystick button so you can move your character, and the right-hand side is the button to adjust the bullet direction.

However, if SAS Zombie Assault 3 MOD APK is the first shooter you join, don’t be too worried because you can easily get used to this control through just a few battles, you will get used to the way. This is not too difficult.

SAS Zombie Assault 3 MOD APK  Weapon Warehosue

SAS Zombie Assault 3 MOD APK possesses a huge number of weapons, Assault Rifle, SMG, Shotguns, Gernade, etc. even RPG, MGL, all compressed with 21M capacity. In addition, you can completely upgrade the gun you love to increase damage, save bullets when destroying corpses.

With such a huge number of weapons, you can create your own favorite weapons.

Diverse maps and Zoombie

For SAS Zombie Assault 3 MOD APK to increase the difficulty for players, Ninja Kiwi has created many different maps. Each country will be a map, some places will appear types of zoombie that you never have to fight with them.

The publisher does all that for the purpose of wanting you to think and come up with strategies that suit each map. Pay close attention to the way they work and choose the right weapon to fight is the only way to help you break the island.

Team play

Even if it’s just an offline game, you can play with your friends. In addition to single player mode, you can also choose multi player with max slot of 3 people. This will help you easily overcome difficult maps.

SAS Zombie Assault 3 MOD APK


The publisher chose to use a top-down view, though not new, but it was quite effective. That helps players have a broader view in the battle with huge zoombie numbers.

Naturally, with 2D graphics, and also not excellent, this is just a game that is rated at a moderate level of refinement in graphics. Of course, not so that you should ignore the attraction of SAS Zombie Assault 3 MOD APK.

In the framework of this article, I will also provide you with the MOD Game APK version with unlimited money features. Besides, there is still a link from Google Play for you to download the standard version if you need it. Wish you have fun playing games.

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Free Download SAS Zombie Assault 3 MOD APK


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