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Download Ouroboros Project🔥 – CBT apk  latest for android In this game, you will play as a chosen commander, a member of SPARK (a secret organization who declared to “save people and revive knowledge”), leading Promoters to protect those you love and go adventure. During the journey to the unknown, some dark secret and conspiracy are waiting to be exposed by you!

With the turn-based RPG gameplay as well as the interface in the game that is deeply influenced by the Persona 5, Ouroboros Project is the latest product from Kingstar Games Limited. The context of Ouroboros Project takes place in the near future when the world is full of something like the zombie. The player will play a talented commander, and also be a member of a secret organization called SPARK. Your task is to lead your teammates, fight against evil forces, and illumine the dark plot that they have planned to take controlling the world.

Ouroborus Project APK download for Android
Ouroboros Project’s fighting style is almost automatic with the familiar turn-based style of the S-RPG game from Japan. Because of this factor, Ouroboros Project is a good choice for those who are busy but still want to entertain with the game. The things that players need to do to increase the team’s chances of winning are the rational calculation of the team formation before the game, as well as the increase in stats, strength, and character levels.

With up to 50 characters, they have their own set of skills, including the main damage, defence, healing, etc. If you can combine the best, you can have a chance to win against stronger opponents. In addition, the game also has a feature called Hospital to treat for members who have been fighting for a long time, because your character cannot automatically recover after each match. If you are not careful, you will be lost right from the beginning.

Ouroboros Project

If you are an Otaku who love Anime, don’t miss our original characters in anime style with historical backgrounds, special personalities and various super powers. Mozart, Jeanne d’Arc, Watt, Oda Nobunaga… You can form a mix-and-match team with these figures.

Ouroboros Project

In this unknown adventure with challenging levels and attractive story lines, you can have conversations and empathize with legendary celebrities, some of whom will definitely surprise you!

Combine Promoters from four classes wisely. Dispatch your well-chosen battle team for different exploration and searching tasks. Watch your Promoters releasing epic skills with amazing effects.

Ouroboros Project

Create, save or even come across Promoters during your gameplay. Interact with them as often as possible. I’ll bet that you’re gonna have fun!

In order to make each Promoter vivid and full, we keep inviting excellent voice actors to dub our characters. Some of them performed in One Piece, Attack on Titan, Fair Tail, A Silent Voice and so on. Hope you guys like it!

“This world is almost destroyed, but there is always some one who can survive and save others. Will you be the one who can change your own fate?”
“Hello Commander! Welcome to this houkai age full of battles and wars against powerful zombies.
“But don’t worry, you’ve got so many gifted Promoters back you up. We’re gonna survive the doomsday, save the world and revive our cultures. No problem!

Our game is in CBT (Close Beta Test) now, and the test will last until January 20th, 2018. After the test, ALL DATA WILL BE RESET.

The game is still under development and the current one is a test version, therefore, the quality of it hasn’t reach its highest level that is supposed to be. All suggestions are welcomed, so please join our FACEBOOK PAGE (Link: and leave your questions, comments or ideas there. Looking forward to hearing from you, discussing and having fun on our facebook page!

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