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Music Maker JAM for Android is a music creation app that allows you to make your own amazing music. Music Maker JAM for Android offers a variety of different music styles for users to choose from such as Hip Hop, Dance, Jazz, and Rock Ballads. Also, this app provides more than 1000 professional loops for users to experiment. Users can create new genres by mixing and combining loops from different styles.

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Music Maker JAM for Android offers an intuitive interface so that users can easily mix music and edit directly on up to 8 tracks. Moreover, users can change tempo, adjust pitch and mix their songs using cool real-time effects. If they want to remix, they just need to shake the device to mix some of the current songs or to find some inspiration for their next music project.

Music Maker JAM APK for Android helps you create quiet instrumental, rock music from the guitar or sweet techno. Besides, users can also upgrade the loop library including Dubstep, Drum&Bass, Techno, Movie Score, House, Metal.
This app has four freestyles. One of those is Dubstep, and the other three depend on you and are changeable monthly. So you will get fresh loops every month and freely experiment with sounds. Also, you can record as many as you want and share them directly to Facebook, SoundCloud…


Main features of Music Maker JAM for Android:

  • Choose from 200+ music style packs.
  • Mix and reorder songs with different styles.
  • Adjust tempo, harmonies to create your own songs
  • Edit song parts and play with spectacular real-time effects.
  • Remix songs by shaking your device.
  • Access thousands of studio-quality loops.

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