Launcher for OS11: Stylish Theme for new phone x

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Download Launcher for OS11: Stylish Theme for new phone x latest for android Launcher for IOS PRO is an Android launcher, which is working as other launchers you have seen before, by changing the entire look of the device, which you are using with the new interface with exciting features.

Launcher for IOS PRO will make your device look like an iPhone running iOS 11. It can be said that the ability to customize the launcher is one of the features that show the diversity of the Android operating system. Because the developers often bring the limited default features icon that makes users always want to change the default launcher of the device with a new smoother and more beautiful launcher. The iOS interface is a good choice for many users, for a variety of reasons, such as a flat-panel interface, homogeneous icons, a simple but elegant lock screen, and a convenient control.

Launcher for OS11: Stylish Theme for new phone x
There are a lot of launchers released to simulate the launcher of iOS but they are not really good. Today, we would like to introduce to you one of the latest applications that can bring all the great features of the iOS launcher on your device, named Launcher for IOS PRO. This is the ads removal version of the app, so you can comfortably use it without annoying Ads.

Launcher for OS11: Stylish Theme for new phone x

Key features of Launcher for IOS PRO
Lock Screen: As soon as you install Launcher for IOS PRO, you can use the Lock Screen as an iPhone device, with the familiar “Slide to Unlock” notification, or familiar Code input interface. You can also change the display style of the clock with 2 options Analog or Digital.
Latest Control Center iOS 11: Control Center’s interface will also be changed. You can swipe from the bottom to see the icon displayed, including Airplane mode, Bluetooth on, Wi-fi, adjust the brightness screen, flash … and many other things that you can customize. Customizing the settings Launcher for IOS PRO will also be placed here.
IOS default icon: You will see new icons of iOS with standard size. You can also update new icons when 3D Animation Effects update them.
Quick search: Swipe left to see the Launcher for IOS PRO search interface, you can import and search everything from the application. The installation option to the files stored on your device.
3D Animation Effects: One of the indispensable features of any launcher, with many integrated effects, you can select and apply easily.

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