Last Day on Earth Survival v1.8.2 APK MOD – Unlimited Coins, Free Crafting, Magic Split

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Last Day on Earth Mod 1.8.2 Apk Unlimited Coins is a zombie survival game, where all survivors are driven by one goal: stay alive as long as you can. There is no place left for friendship, love and compassion. When the apocalypse comes you can trust only yourself and your gun

What’s New: v1.8.2
– New ability system! Standard actions in locations earn you exploration experience and points for various skills.
– The location entry screen has been updated.
– A Recycler is now available. Give new life to all the junk in your chests!
– Certain recipes have been changed.
– The Gunsmith Bench is temporarily unavailable. Its functions are now fulfilled by the new Recycler.
– The chance of a fuel tank dropping in the bunker has been increased.

Mod Features:Last Day on Earth Mod 1.8.2 Apk

Last Day on Earth Survival v1.8.2 APK MOD – Unlimited Coins, Free Crafting, Magic Split
– Item Duplication (Split an Item to get more)
– Free Crafting (Craft without required items)
– Free Building (Build without required items)
– No Building Requirements
– Free Upgrading (Upgrade without required items)
– Infinite Weapon Durability
– Infinite Armor Durability
– Unlimited Coins (Spend coins to increase)
– Unlimited Skill Points (Use skill to increase)
– Unlimited Energy (Buy with coins)

Improve your skills and and craft more deadly weapons against zombie walkers and other players. Knock their heads off!
Build a strong base to protect your life and belongings from walking dead attacks and other survivors. Craft and place traps to take captives and make them regret stealing from you.
You are alone against zombies and other players who want to steal your resources. Dominate and control this cruel post-apocalyptic world. Hunt or be hunted.

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