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Hitman: Sniper v1.7.8

Hitman: Sniper
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Hitman: Sniper – arcade shooter that demonstrates classic way of neutralizing targets using rifles. The mission of our hero is firstly kill all the guards of the victim, and then complete the order itself. As you progress you’ll need to improve your rate of fire, ammo, and breathing concentration. The points you get are based on how skillfully you neutralize your targets. Become the perfect assassin, check your reaction and attentiveness.

Hitman Sniper is by far one of the best Sniper games in the App Store. It’s my favorite game. Being a huge gamer who owns most game systems with every shooting game out there I can honestly say this is up there with some of the best. It’s my go to game. The graphics are smooth and highly detailed, the upgrades are massively fun! You get the coolest guns to purchase. The enemies are plentiful and the controls and gameplay are flawless! The load times are quick and there is honestly nothing I can say negative about this game. The “trick” guns are madly fun and a lot to choose from and one of my favorite things is if a mission proves to be too tough, which has happened to me once as a seasoned gamer you can simply skip the mission for a small fee. The store is reasonably priced. The choices in Hitman Sniper are endless. Not sure how this game could get rated anything but 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! Get this game, you

Hitman:Sniper is a fantastic, 5 star game. Unfortunately, the latest update (and the previous 4th of July nonsense) has introduced bugs that need fixed ASAP.

Hitman: Sniper

Hitman: Sniper

1. The theme music no longer plays at all.

2. Guards will suddenly decide they are on alert without provocation. All of the sudden they will just freak out (without cause) and run for cover.

3. Guards on alert may or may not decide to radio for help… even the head of security. They just go straight to alert without cause, find cover and then… nothing. Other guards just ignore them as well.

4. Head of Security call-ins have reduced significantly, especially for the pool and ice sculpture levels.

5. The status bar on the load in screen is useless, unsightly, and annoying.

6. Background sounds often drop out completely, leaving the scene in complete silence excepting the hitman’s breathing.

The game was perfect. Whatever twiddling SE has done has made the game much worse. And, sorry, but that “Holiday” BS looked terrible and added nothing to the game.

Messing with success is a sure route to failure. Please bring the game back to its fully functioning awesomeness.

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