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Google Play Store is a big Android Apps store and also a favorite app of many people. It allows you to download many of your favorite mobile games as well as apps for free. However, not all Android devices are enclosed with the installation files, especially those have unorthodox ROM.

Google Play APK download for Android

Google Play APK also offers a feature to update games and apps automatically. Therefore, you can always experience the latest and the best features of those games and apps. You can download and install Google Play APK to get access to the app store from your Android device. Google Play supports for searching for apps, managing and updating apps automatically…
Once you’ve installed the Google Play store on your phone, you can search for your favorite app from hundreds of thousands of free games and apps available there. Apps are constantly updated every day, so do not miss out on any free and engaging app by downloading Google Play Apk free right now.

What’s new?
Adding a new feature which is Trending:
This feature helps users update applications, games, movies, musics and popular books quickly. Each time you click an item, news related to new trends will come up first, so that you will not miss any hot topics.

How to install Google Play Store?

To install Google Play APK, you don’t need to root your phone as well as connect your phone via ADB.
Just need to follow these steps:

  1. Download the Google Play APK and save it to the SD card of your mobile phone.
  2. Head to Applications and select the option Unknown Sources.
  3. Open the file manager (for example Astro File Manager) and tap on the Google Play APK file.
  4. Wait for the installation of Google Play until it is done.

Main features of the application:

Provide mobile applications on the Android platform

Google Play is an application store dedicated to the Android platform, where you can find everything such as apps, games, movies, wallpapers, ringtones, … all are available. You just use the search function to find and install any application that you want

Provide multimedia entertainment content

Google Play is also a place to offer a variety of multimedia entertainment such as books, movies, and music to Android users. Now, users can easily rent or purchase movies, music, books online from the Google Play Store.

Application classification system is very professional

Google Play APK has a very professional filtering and the good system.Applications are categorized into different categories for everyone to find and use. Therefore, finding a new application is very easy.

Easy to install and update the latest version

Because Google Play is APK type application, it’s easy for users to install the latest updates from Google and get more exciting new features. We provide the apk file of the latest version of the app, it’s totally free and does not harm your device, you can download the link above. Have fun!

Leave a comment and review the app

In each application, users can submit comments and reviews about an application. Google and app developers will rely on those reviews to re-rank and improve their app

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