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Google pixel camera 2 For All Mobile Android

Pixel 2’s Portrait Mode
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Google pixel camera 2 For All Mobile Android

Google pixel camera 2 For All Mobile Android, samsung, xaomi,htc…..

Dubbed one of the magic that turns the usual things for the most amazing through the camera lens on your android device, 
Use technology with great pixel, increasing the brightness and color refresh will bring you the pictures on both fantastic. I have experience shooting without the intervention on the samsung’s advanced equipment and must recognize that the image quality and color can not using google pixels 2 

Google pixel 2 What’s new?

Are upgrades of algorithms and advanced degrees true when you shoot the camera mode, you are always confident of the best, most amazing with google pixels 2

While the features of the camera Pixels 2 as images, edit and even face shape paste new AR has been moved, it is thought that the portrait mode will remain the monopoly of Pixel 2 in a long time. Fortunately, the senior members of XDA Charles_l has proven that portrait mode can be forced to work on the other device, starting with the first generation of Google Pixel Pixel & XL, Nexus and Nexus 6 p 5 x. Thanks to this preliminary work, the other developers were involved in vertical mode feature to transfer a number of devices running Google’s Android not Oreo

How to install driver for android 

Arnova8G2 is sharing her work on our forum. He has posted about the latest updates for the modification on Google his camera here and I’ve mirrored download link below in case the link Drive is corrupted.
You can download and install now below 

Pixel 2’s Portrait Mode
Pixel 2’s Portrait Mode

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