Google Camera is very much loved by many great features, with this absolute support, the photos taken with the google camera application always bring a lot of distinction,
– Sharp image
– Absolute bright and beautiful color mode
– Getting automatic net and many other effective features


• HDR+ – Take pictures using HDR+ to capture fantastic photos, especially in low-light or backlit scenes.
• Video Stabilization – Capture exceptionally smooth videos even if your hands shake.
• Smartburst – Hold down the shutter button to automatically capture a stream of photos and make moving GIFs.
• Photo sphere – Create immersive spherical photos.
• Lens Blur – Add elegant background blur (bokeh) to close-up pictures.
• Slow Motion – Capture action in epic slow motion video (up to 240fps on some supported devices).

Requirements – The latest version of Google Camera only works on recent Nexus and Pixel devices on Android 7.1.1 and above. Some features are not available on all devices.

• Camera: Required in order to capture pictures and videos.
• Location: Required in order to add location information to pictures.
• Microphone: Required in order to record audio with every video.
• Storage: Required in order to save picture and videos.

Here’s how to get it up and running: Once you’ve installed miniuser123’s Google Camera APK, apply this configuration in the Settings menu:

Model: Nexus 6
Portrait mode on all models: on off
camera.faceboxes: on

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