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Free Download TerraGenesis 5.0.1 APK MOD Money Planet

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TerraGenesis 5.0.1 APK MOD Money Planet is a Simulation Game with the main content that players can create life for any planet in the Solar System. On that basis, we can exploit more planets in the universe.

Based on the fact from the long-standing specific studies of many scientific organizations around the world (like NASA), you can absolutely bring life to a completely empty planet. This is a game that helps you learn science very well.

Previously, there were many titles to manage their own kingdoms or lands (like Clash of Clan, Kingdom Defense …), but this will be the first android game to simulate the management of an entire planet with many different ecosystems.

Until now, science has proved to be able to exist many planets with life other than Earth. Recently, there is a lot of scientific evidence that proves that Mars may be the ideal living environment because it has water, an important element of life.

Before the above studies were verified and published widely, players should experience interesting discoveries with TerraGenesis 5.0.1 APK MOD Money Planet, the game introduced by Tilting Point, the publisher is very reputable. . Quickly Download APKP (probable on Apkpure) file of this game below.

Initialize TerraGenesis 5.0.1 APK MOD Money Planet

There will be 4 choices for you when you start to join the world of this mobile game: Venus, Mars, Moon and Ragnarok. Usually the player will choose Mars because it is the most similar planet to Earth and will be easy for beginners.

The term terraforming in the game is interpreted as a long process of building, improving and changing the Ecology, natural conditions, soil, climate, etc. helping your Planet have the premise of the The most basic life.

How to play

There are three basic elements of this android game: new construction, renovation and research. As is known, water, air and pressure and temperature are crucial factors for life. In TerraGenesis, these indicators will determine whether your planet exists in life.

Each original planet has a different biomass, different conditions and the initial transformation of the planets you choose depends on many factors. But the most important thing is still your focus and seriousness when participating in this android game.

To improve your planet, it will take a lot of resources (Gold). You must do this because otherwise, your ecosystem will be destroyed and life on the planet may be threatened, your effort may be destroyed.

After your planet’s indicators have improved, you already have a certain number of residents, the next thing to do is to research new scientific works. Upgrading technology features will help you exploit resources faster.

There are many types of resources to exploit, from the cheapest types such as Lead, Carbon, to Uranium, Diamond … But remember, resource exploitation must go hand in hand with ecosystem protection, to the planet’s you develop sustainably.

Just like the development of Earth billions of years ago, bacteria first appeared then to low-level plants, animals, high-level animals and eventually humans. All of these factors are called Ecosystems and it determines your success.

In TerraGenesis 5.0.1 APK MOD Money Planet has The Archives section, which is where you can look up practical knowledge, which helps the process of developing your planet. Knowledge is always a necessary factor to help players develop faster and more sustainably.

Personal comments

Graphics of TerraGenesis 5.0.1 APK MOD Money Planet is quite good, although not excellent. This is really a 3D Game with good image quality, realistic. The game’s perspective is like a satellite looking at Earth from outer space. Music is not really outstanding.

Overall, this game is suitable for those who like to explore science, especially space science. The original APK you can download below (or Google Play). You can also download the MOD version (Infinite money and unlock Planets) right below.

Free download from Google play

Free Download Game MOD APK

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