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Free Download: Shadow of Death MOD APK v1.54.0.0 (Unlimited Crystals/Souls)

Shadow of Death MOD APK
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Basic information Shadow of Death MOD APK

Shadow of Death MOD APK (Infinite Crystals / Souls) is an attractive action RPG. This attractive Android game has reached the milestone of 1 million installations after only 3 months of release. For a long time, ARPG role-playing action games have always brought great excitement to players, but few games can be achieved. Attraction from games like this is always at the top of the market.

After great successes from a series of mobile games launched earlier, publisher Zonmob Game Studio has officially launched a blockbuster of this action game to the gaming community. Shadow of Death MOD APK is a harmonious combination of attractive gameplay and attractive graphics with distinctive dark colors. Join now on Shadow of Death to experience what is considered to be the most attractive today.

Game content

The plot of Shadow of Death MOD APK is quite long and complicated. But that brings a sense of discovery to many players. I personally appreciate games that have such a context.

The entire World of Shadow of Death lies in the light of the land (City of Light). This is where King Luther built a wealthy, peaceful kingdom thanks to the supreme gods in heaven.

Shadow of Death MOD APK

The king established the council “The eyes of thunder”. This is the Council that protects the values ​​of ancient knowledge that have been lost for thousands of years. All of the above knowledge in the universe, from Magic, Medicine, Astrology, … are carried by the Thunder Eye in the palm of your hand. With this council, King Luther created the most prosperous dynasty in the world of Aurona.

However, tragedies are always lurking and can come at any time. A beautiful day, the beloved sister of King Luther XV fell ill and died. Too sad, the king went to the council to find a way to bring his sister back from the dead.

With profound knowledge, he combined Magic, Medicine and Alchemy to create medicine. However, in the production process, these things also unknowingly created a terrible epidemic for humanity. Things get tangled and dangerous when the laboratory explodes and the disease spreads nationwide.

The king disappeared, all over the kingdom began creating strange and cruel monsters. No one can cure this terrible disease. At that moment, there was a knight named Max, who dominated the army of King Luther XIV, just returned from a war with his neighbor.

Shadow of Death MOD APK

He was the one who was fortunate enough to be given ancient powers by the gods, but lost his memory. Holding the sword, Max goes to destroy the monsters and learn the terrible secrets hidden in this epidemic.

You will play the brave Max knight in Shadow of Death MOD APK to destroy all monsters. They will always come to you when you attract attention. Remember, monsters breed very quickly and you need to solve them quickly. Only fighting or dying.


Shadow of Death MOD APK has a diverse map system with more than 30 different maps and hundreds of challenges waiting for you. The two main modes of the game are Challenger and Adventure with 4 difficulty levels increasing from Normal, Hard, Hell and Insane.

Shadow of Death MOD APK

It is difficult to solve monsters scattered on the road, meeting bosses at each end of the map is even more difficult. Maximize the equipment to destroy bosses more easily. You need to have a skillful and flexible movement to avoid damage from monsters.

Destroy lots of monsters to level up and you’ll unlock, upgrade more skills. I have learned a lot of skill combinations by practicing and learning online. Let’s try it.

Equip in Shadow of Death MOD APK

The equipment of Shadow of Death MOD APK has a lot of interesting points. There are many rare weapons and equipment you can find. The armor system in the game is divided into 4 types, Common, Damaged, Legendary, Magic and Rare.

Each of the different armor types offers a completely different strength and resistance. It also helps you create a style and style that is different, personal. Destroying Boss also offers the opportunity to own very high rare equipment.


Shadow of Death MOD APK is just a 2D game, but the graphics are quite good and far beyond other 3D games. The Shadow of Death world is blended between two colors that contrast light and darkness, giving the game a unique epic. Effects when you strike will add special colors that are very eye-catching.

As a free offline game, you don’t need a network connection to play Shadow of Death. This game brings interesting experiences on the familiar black background of Shadow Fight series, an interesting gameplay, rich equipment that you can experience.

You can download the standard version from Google Play, or the APK Game Version from the file you provided below. Wish you have a fun game experience.

Free Download from Google Play
Free Download Shadow of Death MOD APK v1.54.0.0 (Vô Hạn Crystals/Souls)

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