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Free Download: Hustle Castle APK v1.11.5 MOD APK (Auto + Speed)

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Hustle Castle APK v1.11.5 MOD APK (Auto + Speed) is a game from My.Com publisher, introduced not too long ago. This is an Roll-Playing Game, where you act as a reigning king of your Kingdom.

You also need to develope your Kingdom, build attract and defense systems, protect and attack your neighbors. Basically, the game play of this game is not new, but it is still full of charm.

In Hustle Castle, there are many things a king needs to do with his Kingdom. You will slowly discover when downloading free games and experience. Currently the game has developed both on Android and IOS platforms, completely free.

Hustle Castle APK v1.11.5 MOD APK (Auto + Speed)

In fact, the context and gameplay of Hustle Castle APK v1.11.5 MOD APK is quite similar to Fallout Shelter – the game released by Bethesda Softworks. However, this is still a fascinating game, even if it’s just a clone game.

In Fallout Shelter, you need to have a clear strategy, but Hustle Castle doesn’t need to. The structure of Fallout Shelter’s story is more complex but lacks depth. The story has a root cause, but there is no end point.

How to play

Build the Kingdom

Like Fallout Shelter, the king’s mission in this game is to build a large castle with many different rooms. Each room has its own role. Here are 3 main types of rooms:

  • Training room: A room used to train skills for your people. There are different training rooms for different skills such as Kitchen, Weapon Forging Room, Gladiator …
  • Production room: The most important room of each castle, to produce and store the castle’s resources. There are many production rooms with different functions. The treasury holds money, the dining room is used to store food, mana is stored in Mana Pool and Mana Well rooms, some types of wood and iron storage and production rooms and other resources.
  • Support room: types of support rooms that support the development process of the castle. For example, the Hospital works to heal and heal gladiators, Magic Workshop and Magic Lab are magic-related places. Most importantly, Staircase helps you connect between rooms in the castle.
  • In addition, the Throne Room is a room that unlocks and upgrades new rooms. The level of the other rooms cannot exceed the level of the Throne Room. Upgrade arsenal to increase defensive power for the castle

Hustle Castle APK v1.11.5 MOD APK (Auto + Speed)
Protect the Kingdom

There always existed her mid-life creatures (like Orcs, dragons, or giant skeletons) outside the Kingdoms. Your mission is to fight those forces to protect your Kingdom.

The results of the matches depend on the strength of the troops and the abilities of the Wizard. Remember to upgrade your Magician to the top. The matches are also played automatically and your task is to simply select and arrange the skills accordingly. The weak team can completely overcome the strong team if there is a legal match.

You can also choose to oppose an opponent who has the same power. The reward for the winner is money, gold, experience or items needed for the development of the game.

Hustle Castle APK v1.11.5 MOD APK (Auto + Speed)

The weakness of Hustle Castle

Hustle Castle APK v1.11.5 MOD APK has a weakness that everything can be solved with money. Want to reduce the time to build, upgrade, train or increase production … you can use money.

This makes the game less competitive when many players can load real money to play games. Another annoying thing is that even if you can win the boss, you still have to pay to receive the item.

Except for the above weaknesses, in general Hustle Castle APK v1.11.5 MOD APK is a pretty good title. It somewhat resembles Clash of Clan and is easy to attract. You will also have to use the network (3-4G or WIFI) to experience this game.

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Hustle Castle APK v1.11.5 MOD APK (Auto + Speed)

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