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Free Download: Football Manager 2019 Mobile v10.2.3

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Football Manager 2019 Mobile is a cult title of SEAGA besides its popular games like PES 2018 PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER. On PC, this football management game appeared almost 20 years ago. I used to play Football Manager 2003, back then it was called CM 2003. At that time, Cristiano Ronaldo was also a 17-year-old boy, and Messi was not named on the World football map.

Football Manager 2019 Mobile is the sequel and adds data from version 2018. This is one of the football management games that you are a believer of a teacher. Definitely addicted right away.

According to what I know, Football Manager 2019 Mobile is officially available for Android and iOS operating systems for $ 8.99. The full version for PC and MAC (Football Manager Touch) is more expensive (£ 21.99).

That’s a big price for a football management game, though it’s of such high quality. If you are not eligible to buy this game on the store or have trouble completing the payment, I will show you how to download this game for free for the Android operating system.


Manage a team

In the Premier League, people do not call the coach Coach, but a Manager, who is the manager of the team, basically, his authority is only lost to the club president. Also in Football Manager 2019 Mobile, you will become a true manager.

The biggest difference of FM 2019 is that you will have to focus more on team management expertise such as training young players or developing clubs towards sustainability. This game does not promote every small game, but you can still be assured of its quality.

Initially you will manage a small club with numerous difficulties. Your job starts with choosing a club name, choosing a shirt, building a stadium, managing the club finance, which will be very complicated behind.

You need to hire a good coach, sign contracts with talented players, organize your formation and find reasonable tactics with the people you have. In addition, promoting the club is also important if you want to attract more interest from fans and the press.


Football today has a lot of virtual variables, especially in the tactical system. In Football Manager 2019 Mobile, you can create your own strategy accordingly. In the opposite case, you can choose Barca’s Tiki-taca, Klopp’s radical pressing or Mourinho’s bus defense …

The training system of Football Manager 2019 Mobile has also changed a bit compared to previous versions. It includes 3 training sessions per day instead of a single session. This will help the player’s tactics become more diverse and have more options.

Good news for those who love German football, all 36 clubs of the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 national championships have officially appeared in Football Manager 2019 Mobile. Those who are fans of Bayern or Dortmund will definitely be satisfied with this.


Update player data

Not only updating recent talented young players like Harry Kane, Sancho, Martial or Mbappe, Football Manager 2019 Mobile also updated new stats for old players who appeared in the game.

In addition to buying the players you love from reality, you can upgrade your player skills through 6 options including Crossing, Ball Hold (Ball Control), Passing (Passing), Fitness ( Strength), Technique (Tackling) and Heading (Heading).

Increasing the index can help players run faster, healthier (physical strength and increased strength), stronger finishes but it cannot change player’s technique because the technique depends on the number of available stars of Each player, it cannot be changed.


Good for Graphics

Mobile Manager 2019 Mobile graphics have been upgraded and improved significantly compared to version 2018. Sharp images and more vivid sound help you experience the management work and enjoy every match peak.

Football Manager 2019 Mobile also does not have a man manager feature on the main screen. The system will automatically create replay videos after every notable situation. Besides, VAR technology will also be used to create a professional feel.


Football Manager 2019 Mobile is an indispensable game on your phone if you really are a fan of Catholicism. Download the Football Manager 2019 Mobile APK right away to your device through the links below this article.

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