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Download Boxing Arena apk 1.3 latest for android ! Focus on simplicity, in, you only have to use a few simple buttons like moving, punching and special skills. Because there are only a few navigation keys, manipulating the direction of movement will affect the direction of the player. Besides the unique point of the game that each character is available in a variety of skills ranging from healing, shielding or instantaneous acceleration. They will take some time to recover, so you should use them as a secret weapon and at the right time Boxing Arena

Depending on the level you can unlock new characters and skills slowly. The more enemies you defeat and the more victories you will receive and the more experience points you will get for developing your character. The graphics of are simple enough to ensure the beauty and fun of the game, which shows off your special skill effects and colorful character forms. Boxing Arena

Overall, brings players an enjoyable experience. You can also improve your fighting skills and seek pleasure in entering the world with all the players in the world.

Clown Games presents the new smash hit io game: Face Boxing Arena. Step onto the ring to knock out all champions with your brutal punches for real boxing experience in io game universe!
BECOME A CHALLENGER BOXER NOW! Attack with fierce face punches and combos to knock out others. Can you become the champion fighter of the boxing io game arena? Boxing Arena
EASY IO GAME CONTROLS! Smash everyone with your hits and make combos to knockout with only one button in the world of fighting!
ULTIMATE FIGHTER SKILLS! Each hero has different special move to use in epic combat to knock out other fighting boxers.
POW! BAM! SMASH! KNOCKOUT! Join the marvelous fighting club of boxing arena with your champion boxer to use your brutal fighter punches and quick reflexes to attack others!
COLLECTIBLES! Achieve objectives to unlock amazing heroes with skills and skins! Step onto the classical fighting ring with your favorite hero to survive the longest, make maximum combos or a great number of knockouts!
The creator of popular io games like,,,, presents Boxing Arena now. Play when you are online and offline with rest of the world.

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