Dragon Revolt – Classic MMORPG

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Dragon Revolt for Android opens up a vast fantasy world of medieval Europe. In this game, players will have to select factions and engage in fierce battles with enemies and violent dragons. Visit apkgalaxy.co to download the latest mod version of Dragon Revolt, of course absolutely free.

Dragon Revolt – Classic MMORPG Mod latest version for Android

Dragon Revolt is Snail Games’ newest classic fantasy MMORPG for Android platform. The game focuses on the brutal war between two factions: the Lothelan Empire and the Ashitar clan. Following to the power side you want, choose DPS, HEAL or T, set up a boss team or go to battle to gain eternal glory for the clan. Learn to use all the spells, skills along the way, and lead your Clan to the victory. The future belongs to Empire or Alliance? It all depends on you. Start playing Dragon Revolt mod for Android right now to write up your own fate.

Mod features: 

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlock all content

Key features of Dragon Revolt for Android:

Lead your factions, rise up with the dragons

  • The battle between two wings: Roseland Empire and Asta Blood League
  • Each side has different missions, objectives and fighting styles in the battlefield

Customize yourself in two hostile forces

  • Three classes of characters and six races for the player to choose
  • Each hero has six skills, supports combination and four unique talent field.

Many surprised raids and confrontation between the aggressive bosses

  • Set up in front of the dungeons and proceed to raid with friends
  • Use tactics and cooperation with your teammates using available weapons to defeat enemies

Tear away enemies on the battlefield

  • Build legend in the 4v4 arena and 12v12.
  • Enjoy the classic multi-player battle style appealing

Dragon Revolt mod apk features 3D animated graphics, sharp and real. With its two-legged, boldly legendary fighting gameplay, high-level gameplay, team spirit and Dragon Revolt for Android, you’ll be invincible right from the first game.

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