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Download Wolf: The Evolution – Online RPG 1.89 APK Mod Money

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Download Wolf: The Evolution – Online RPG 1.89 APK File Mod Money

Wolf: The Evolution – Online RPG for mobile android no root, mod full data obb , game Wolf: The Evolution – Online RPG is a game genre Role PlayingAction & Adventure  with millions of downloads and reviews as one of the best and best games for the user

Wolf The Evolution – Online RPG 1.89 apk 1

Wolf The Evolution – Online RPG 1.89 apk 1

INFO Game Wolf: The Evolution – Online RPG

ID GAME :com.FoxieGames.WolfEvolution
Name Game :Wolf: The Evolution – Online RPG
Version game : 1.89
Requires Android 4.1+
Total install 50,000+
Rating :
Rating Website :[kkstarratings]

Game content Wolf: The Evolution – Online RPG

The wolf’s dominance is vital to the natural order. If any other animal were to dominate, all other life, from the lowest plant to the highest wild animal, will suffer. Only a wolf pack that is both strong and wise can bring balance and harmony to the lands.

‘Wolf: The Evolution’ is a simulator which tells a tale of adventure. Welcome to the Silverglade Pack, a small family struggling to get a foothold in the wilderness. You must help them to expand and grow until they can realise their dreams!

Dominate the virtual world with your wolfpack. Choose your ultimate team and battle other mighty enemies like bears, elephants, jaguars, and tigers. Eliminate your enemies to expand your territory and collect rewards. Or choose the life of a hunter. Search for prey as you explore the vast forest. Hunt wildlife to feed your wolves, grow them and keep them strong for epic battles!

Unlock new wolves and bring them into your den. Feed your wolves the spoils from your hunts to grow them from pups to adults. When you have 2 strong wolves, you can evolve them to make their abilities even stronger!

Breed wolves together to create baby pups! Raise your pups with care, one day they will need to lead the family.

Alpha wolves are proud leaders, while Betas defend your pack. Hunter wolves can catch the most stealthy prey. The Omegas are weak, but they can heal your entire pack in a battle. Each wolf personality has different abilities for battles and hunts, so choose your team wisely!

Wolf Evolution is an interactive online multiplayer game with MMO style gameplay. Chat and role play with friends from all over the world as you explore the forest & complete challenging quests.

Welcome to the ultimate realistic wolf simulator, where wolves behave according to their personality. Alpha wolves walk proudly while Omegas cower. The crisp visuals will take you to a far way 3d virtual world filled with other animals big and small. You can explore, battle & hunt. Don’t forget, you can also breed and raise your wolf family and teach them different skills & attacks!

Foxie Games would like to welcome you to the Wolf Evolution family. We will be adding lots of new content, from more unique wolves to quests. Expand your territory and download free today. “Wolf: The Evolution” is completely free to play but some optional in-game items may require payment.

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Begin your Wolf Adventure by downloading today!
Dire wolves now available from new in game events!

Version 1.89
Bug fixes:
Sounds no longer stop after previewing an ability.
The adding wolf timer now hides properly in certain situations.

Some pictures in the game Wolf: The Evolution – Online RPG


Wolf The Evolution – Online RPG 1.89 apk 2

Wolf The Evolution – Online RPG 1.89 apk 2

Wolf The Evolution – Online RPG 1.89 apk 3

Wolf The Evolution – Online RPG 1.89 apk 3

Wolf The Evolution – Online RPG 1.89 apk 4

Wolf The Evolution – Online RPG 1.89 apk 4

Wolf The Evolution – Online RPG 1.89 apk 5

Wolf The Evolution – Online RPG 1.89 apk 5

You can download the game Wolf: The Evolution – Online RPG 1.89 apk file for android below, wish you have relaxing moments when playing the game
Warning: Play games and eat well in order to have the best health, be a smart player

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