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There is no denying that Stack Ball has a simple and addictive gameplay like Voodoo games. This game reminds me of Helix Jump. Your mission is to use the ball as a bullet to break the planks from the top of a spiral tower. It can break everything, except the black board.

When you encounter a black brick, your ball can be broken into pieces. Therefore, just one mistake is enough for your game to end immediately. Touch the screen to let the ball penetrate the things below, let go if you want it to stop. Each level gives you different challenges, but in general the game doesn’t have too many changes.

Difficulties will appear when towers rotate faster and black planks appear more and more. After breaking some special boards, your ball will temporarily switch to a fireball form for a short time, it can destroy everything including a black board.

The game is not as easy as you think

How to play completely simple and nothing difficult. But if you think Stack Ball has nothing to challenge you, you’re wrong. Like the endless run game, you are winning 10 levels in a row and feel excited, but just a moment of distraction is enough for your journey to end anytime.

There is no formula to help you win. Please keep the necessary concentration and skillfully manage when meeting the black boards designed to put players in the trap.

Buy new balls

Actually not. Currently, Stack Ball has never had a currency or store system. You cannot unlock or upgrade anything. I hope that the publisher will soon update new features in the next updates.


Contrary to simple gameplay, Stack Ball has impressive 3D graphics. Sharp images and amazing effects help you feel excited when the ball breaks the boards. To reduce the boredom, the color of the tower will be changed according to each level, giving you endless entertainment moments.


Fun, easy to play but no less challenging. That’s what I want to talk about Stack Ball. Although currently, the game does not have many features beyond the single player mode, but the game is still a great choice if you want a game to kill time in your spare time.

Depending on your needs, you can download Stack Ball MOD APK or Stack Ball APK original. Or simply install from Google Play / App Store if you want.

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