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Download Brawl Stars MOD APK v17.153 latest

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Surely you have known Supercell publisher, it has produced many famous games worldwide such as Clash of Clans, Hay Day or Clash Royale. In addition to survival games, mobile MOBA games are still popular, proving that the number of giant players continues to increase day by day. And finally, Supercell did not stand outside the game when they recently released a MOBA game similar to Clash of Clans named Brawl Stars.

The game supports the previous iOS platform, and will then support the Android platform and allow you to download completely for free.

Brawl Stars is a top-down shooter game like games like League of Legends or Bomberman. Before entering a match, the player must choose for himself any character you own (in this game called Brawler). Each Brawler has a different kind of weapon and special skills, you need to choose it to suit your teammates to create the strongest team. Cooperate with friends of the table and win the most fierce scuffle.

Not only that, Brawl Stars is a real-time game that lets you shoot with anyone around the world. Good players will make the game more interesting when they create many unique tactics. MOBA is a game genre that is quite difficult to play originating from PC because it has many complicated operations that require players to practice and learn thoroughly, but this game has omitted many tricks to create a game MOBA on mobile is fun, easy to play and it doesn’t take you long to get used to it.

Unlike other MOBA games that are limited to only three main lanes, Brawl Stars’s map is a large arena that allows players to enjoy constant combat throughout the duration of the match. However, do not be too engrossed in fighting each other but forget the big goals of the whole team, occupy the buildings and treasures, not giving the opponent a chance to win.

After participating in the battle, you will receive a lot of gold and experience points. Use that gold to unlock more Brawler that you like in the game store. Each Brawler has a different weapon, such as the first character Shelly. She is a beautiful girl with purple hair, her weapon is a gun capable of firing a series of powerful cone bullets, damaging multiple enemies for a moment.

Another character is Jessie, she doesn’t shoot bullets in a cone but just a straight line. This brings a bit more difficulty, but she has another skill to create cannons that automatically shoot nearby enemies (quite similar to Heimerdinger in League of Legends). In addition, there are many other Brawlers for you to explore like Bull, Brock, Crow, Poco, Nita, … There are no weak characters if you are able to fully harness their power. You can learn tips from other good players in the Brawl Stars community worldwide.

MOD Info (Private Server – Update 19/04/2019)

  • Unlimited Resources
  • All Skins Available
  • All Brawlers Available
  • Dozens Of Maps
  • Unlimited EveryThing


  • Just like our other private server MOD versions, you will not be able to join PvP with other players in the original version.
  • Friendly game mode is working
  • PvP online mode is not stable

In addition, you can play with your friends in 3v3 matches. The game honors the best players, win and conquer the rankings of the game.

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