Download APK + Mod Androi: Pocket Troops 1.30.1

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The images of those great soldiers are enough to attract you?

Pocket Troops is a cartoon battlefield military shooter where you have to lead a gangstar mini army of brave and purposeful commanders and combat against military strong bosses Recruit and train a ragtag band of soldiers, equip with special skills and weapons. They will fight and act in the way you train and equip them in HQ, controlled by their own AI. Joint the battle with millions of other players from all aroung the world!

Battles in this game happen in short and catchy sessions. It’s a perfect bite-sized game to play in a traffic jam, when waiting for someone or yawning…


Pocket Troops – Just a great strategy for your android device, it will collect you and your little invincible team of novices which you on the way through the game will be to train and improve their weapons. In this game you will find a staggering 12 missions that will not let you get bored.


How to play simply with indirect strategy, strategy and military control.

★ Very cool little soldiers with a collection full of weapons and play equipment.

★ Interesting plot in which an evil villain conspires to take the whole world to make everyone wear black.

★ Upgrade military bases and cool interactive facilities: cash tools, fish tanks, “soft cats, warm cats, tiny cotton balls” and other real military toys.

★ Separate music and animated graphics are inspired and approved by a hamster named Boris the Blade.

★ There are several types of mercenaries in the game and each has their own qualities and skills.

Armored soldiers:

Fully armored and gentle to move fast. Equipped with medium range automatic rifle. A unit too suited to lead in battle.


The elite warriors with long-range weapons have the highest accuracy and the ability to inflict critical damage but weak defense.


Long-range weapons with diffuse attack abilities that deal damage to multiple targets.


Fans of long-range heavy machine guns. Causes high damage, but low accuracy. High blood points and resilience create a tough opponent.


A shotgun maniac in melee battles. High accuracy with the ability to spread and spread damage to many targets. Use grenades with enemies with ranged weapons.


The melee master, light and fully armored. Difficult to train, but also quit. Speedy game will make the opponent have a headache. A real assassin.

Countless quests and bosses, interesting storylines and stunning cartoon-like graphics give you a perfect entertainment. Fight with other players and compete with them on a global challenge map.

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NOTE: A network connection is required to play.

Pocket Troops is completely free to play. However, some game resources can also be purchased for real money. Under the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Pocket Troops.


+ Trooper progression system: level and rank up your troopers to dominate opponents.

+ Troopers change their look as they rank up.

+ Now unique heroes can be recruited for gold coins. New rookie list rescan options.

+ Upgrade gear for FREE over time.

+ Resource compensation when dismissing a trooper.

In honor of International Kick Butt Day. Every day is a great day to kick some evil butt!


1.“APK” install it on your device.

2.“com.Heyworks.PocketTroopsVK” folder “android / obb” copy into.

3.Enter the game.

Download APK

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