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Download APK + Mod Androi: King of Defense – Battle Frontier 1.11.3

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King of Defense: Battle Frontier is a excellent strategy in the genre of tower defense on Android. Combine and combine different turrets and gradually improve your combat tactics. Upgrade your weapons and characters and develop new tactics. Move through different locations such as desert, jungle and snow-covered valleys.

In this game the border of the Kingdom was broken by monsters and now you have no choice but to take up arms and call brave heroes to protect the Kingdom. And like any other tower defense games, King of Defense: Battle Frontier always emphasizes strategies. There are many ways to pass depending on each person.


King Of Defense: Battle Frontier – Strategy for Android, in which you have to protect the kingdom from the onslaught and attacks of monsters and monsters. Pump your weapons and heroes and develop battle tactics that will lead you to a confident victory over the enemy. The game has many interesting levels, a variety of weapons, good graphics, sound effects.


* Cannon stacking feature is a special feature to increase tactics in the King of defense_The Last Defender defense game.

* Help players calculate and consider choosing the appropriate turret for each world. The turret system has also been upgraded strongly and characterized by each tower type.

* With the Warrior Tower turret system, the Archer Tower, Cannon Tower, Wizard tower each of the turrets with different features and characteristics to overcome different types of monsters. In addition, each turret is upgraded to 3 levels and 1 special function, which helps you to have the best strategy of winning the enemy in a defensive battle.

* System heroes

Fairos (Bow God): Possessing absolute precision archery skills, the ability to shoot multiple arrows at once. Especially when focusing power can shoot arrows (dragon arrow) with great power.

Master Brow: Possesses the skill of fighting with perfect sword. Special skills: instant teleportation.

Sewan: Use combat spear. Special skills: Giant formation transforms with increasing power many times.

Old Warros: Through many battles no one remembers his real name, they call him an “old warriors”. Possessing extraordinary power. Special skills: Create shields to protect yourself and all allies.

Cercle: is a spirit that possesses many magic, attacking enemies with an electric ball, summoning lightning.

Demon Krat: The embodiment of the power, the protector of the kingdom. Use axes as weapons, special skills: Gather the destructive power into weapons, attack enemies with tremendous power.

Let’s experience the new challenge and unique strategy game – King of Defense: Battle Frontier.

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