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Download Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp 2.3.1 apk – One of Best Androi Games

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Basic information

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a simulation game released by Nintendo, now available in version 2.3.1, with a capacity of only 67MB suitable for Android phones from 4.1 and above and iOS from 8.0. It’s one of Best Androi Games.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp a game that recreates a miniature society. Players will play the character and live in a village of many people, animals and trees as a real village.

Players also perform many different activities described as everyday life such as catching fish, gathering, hunting, etc. The time in the game is calculated separately, in accordance with reality based on the designed schedule. Separate for this game.


Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is version has been released since 2017. Earlier, Nintendo’s publisher also released several versions such as Animal Crosing, 2005 (Animal Crosing: Wild World), 2008 (Animal Crosing: City Folk, 2013 (Animal Crossing: New Leaf) and 2015 (Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer).

Nintendo has always released games based on a fixed platform, mostly recently in Android and iOS. With Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Japanese publishers are not out of the above trend. They release for free on both Android and IOS (both iPhone and iPad).

The project also had a moment to pause, giving way to another legendary Nintendo game, Super Mario Run. But eventually, the publisher also officially released the game for players to experience.

The gameplay of this game is quite simple and has quite similar motifs as the previous city and farm construction games. But the interactivity is much higher and has many more attractive and interesting features.



From the introduction: “Enjoy the great outdoors with your animals friends”, we understand that this is a game with how to play that you will transform into a character to live at a campsite with your animal friends.

You completely own your campsite, interact with surroundings like plants, animals and all that surrounds you. You do not have to be too pressured with such a life and there are no goals imposed on you.

Players can fully control their activities, collect all kinds of items through quests, trade and decorate their campsites according to personal wishes.

Customizations in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp are very high. From the original character, in many different ways of development, players can get different results depending on the choice at different times.


Main features in the game

Collect items:

There are a lot of furniture (items), mostly decorations you can collect in games like bags, clothes, shoes, hats, sofas, pianos, trees, tents, cars, telephone, etc. You will receive items when complete the missions in game.

For example, help a dog go home, or raise a tree, etc. you will be moved to the entertainment area and choose items as rewards. You can also go to the blacksmith to create your favorite furniture.

Items can also be found on beaches or when you participate in mini-games.



Fishing is a favorite activity in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. You can use fishing rods or fishing with nets. Fishing also helps you find the necessary items to make many useful furniture.


Leaf Ticket is the virtual currency used in the game. To buy furniture and items in the game, you need to use Leaf Ticket. When selling furniture, you can also collect Leaf Ticket. In addition, you can also get Leaf Ticket by buying real money with a variety of convenient and diverse payment options such as Visa card, etc.


Personal comments

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp really makes players not be bored by interacting with other players. When you create and decorate your campsite, you can invite others to play, as well as visit other campgrounds.

In addition, there are many events suitable for real-time outside to help players enjoy the festive atmosphere and seasonal weather throughout the year. That helps you not be confined in the space of your campsite.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp graphics are also quite eye-catching with 3D designs of funny animals. Font with beautiful, bright animated details helps players feel refreshed and really relaxed.

Animal Crossing apk version: Pocket Camp is only 67MB, relatively light and does not require a high machine configuration. There is also a version for Android and IOS for you to choose from. Everything is perfect for you to explore.

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