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These days, there are lots of games that allow you to simulate everything like driving truck, train, motorbike or even plane… These games are easy to play and attract millions of downloads around the world. So why don’t you download a simulation game for Android? Bus Simulator 17 is an exciting game that we recommend you to try playing right now.

Bus Simulator 17 APK download for Android

You will become a bus driver. With your bus, your mission is to carry your passengers to the bus stops. You must complete all the missions to finish the game, travel and obey traffic laws and get to bus stops in time…

Bus Simulator 17 is an interesting game and will definitely make you feel excited. You will not have to run away from the police or be scared of being lost and taking wrong routes. You just need to drive to the destination safely by following the map, then get rewards. There are many different types of vehicles for you to choose such as double decker bus, school bus or bus carrying goods. With impressive 3D graphics which simulate buses beautifully and genuinely, this game provides realistic experience for players. Therefore, Bus Simulator 17 is the best simulation game you should try playing.

Main features of Bus Simulator 17:

  • Driving around cities according to different zones (central, rural, industrial,  suburban …)
  • Drive in the deserts, mountains and highways
  • Control the mechanism of opening and closing of doors
  • Use rearview mirrors to back the bus accurately
  • Many weather conditions and they change constantly according to the cycle of day and night
  • Realistic traffic simulation and AI is improved, vehicles on the road are realistic
  • Online multiplayer mode: prove who the best driver in the world is
  • Various game modes: you can play on duty or drive freely
  • Protect your bus from collisions and traffic accidents
  • Create your own routes with many different possibilities
  • Some control modes: steering wheel, button or sensor

Bus Simulator 17 is a very realistic game, so if you are looking for an interesting simulation game, do not miss out on this opportunity to download Bus Simulator 17 apk file.




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