Broken Screen Prank

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Broken Screen Prank Make your screen to appear broken with just a shake, automatic, immediate or a whistle… Easy to use – Fun and addictive! Just run the application and click start to begin the fun with your loved ones or friends!
Make everyone believe that you broke your screen… while in fact your screen isn’t cracked and it’s easy to be fixed – with just another tap or shake.
Enjoy the many settings to choose from – the number of shakes that will make your screen to appear broken and much more… Start pranking your buddies today!

Your friends and parents will absolutely be freaked out when they see the cracked screen, it’s so realistic that they all think the phone is really broken. LOL. Ready to be a funny guy? Download our broken screen game and make your friends laugh and laugh.

Highlight feature to improve the success rate of your pranks:
★ Realistic broken screen wallpaper and sounds.
★ 4 crackle effects to choose.
★ Touch to crack.
★ Shake to crack.
★ Set time to crack.
★ Auto repair your screen when you return to the app.

Fire screen – You can light the fire just on your screen with your finger, it is quite awesome.
Destroying phone – You can destroy your phone screen using different weapon like knife, hammer, and gun.

This MOD Screen is just a prank app used for fun and entertainment. It will not really harm your phone screen, it just shows the realistic cracked screen image and breaking sound. Fool people and be happy.

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